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Customer Service Concierge

MFort Security Services is the premier provider of concierge and security services for Class A building. With decades of industry experience in building a customer service program while serving Downtown Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We build a customer service program based on your buildings expectations to ensure that we meet your customers needs. ​

Everybody knows that a good first impression is invaluable. Whether you are trying to impress the next guest to enter your office building or the next tenant to rent a unit from you, a customer service concierge can immediately provide tangible benefits that help your bottom line while improving relationships with your clients.

A customer service concierge by MFort Security provides the following key advantages to your property.

  • Positive First Impression: MFort specializes in providing a trained concierge professional in full uniforms to meet your buildings demands. Utilizing a special recruiting, training and support program, MFort makes sure that they are working with the best professionals in the industry.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Whether you need a concierge for your business or your residential building, a concierge will directly support customer and guest satisfaction. From handling emergency situations to answering everyday questions, concierge services leave quite the impression!

  • Accountability & Integrity: All professionals hired through MFort Security Services are trained with integrity, honesty, and accountability in mind. Concierge professionals will always execute their assigned duties while meeting and exceeding expectations for your business.

Concierge services can turn any building into a luxury experience. To learn more about concierge services and to see if your business would prosper because of them, contact MFort Security Services for an assessment!

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