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Security Services

We Will Bring Safety and Comfort To Your Business.

MFort Security Services offers winning customer service and security services program to clients throughout Chicago and surrounding areas. Our program is built on decades of industry experience, the qualified management team at MFort is ready to help guide their clients to build a winning security solution. We are here to build partnerships and guide our clients to ensure that their needs are met.

  • Security Assessment Services: First and foremost, clients will want to sit down with the executive leadership team at MFort to analyze and assess security requirements. This time will be spent finding the most cost-effective and comprehensive coverage for the client's personal needs.

  • Extensive Experience: MFort Security has experience in Class A residential and commercial buildings as well as corporate facilities, distribution centers, data centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical and hospitals. With a proven track record of excellent service throughout Chicago, MFort's experienced roster can help build the best security program.

  • Solution: After undergoing a security assessment, executive leadership at MFort will help to identify security gaps, provide a detailed report, and also discuss electronic and physical security programs.

  • Security Staffing: We are ready to provide proper staffing to meet your security needs based on our assessment of your building. Our team members are properly recruited, trained, supported and understand our mission.

Every client who works with MFort Security Services will enjoy:

  • Trusted Partnership focused on Customer Service, Helpfulness, Accountability and Integrity

  • Premier Security Assessment by Executive Leadership Team

  • Assessment of Security, Detailed Report

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

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