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Trusted Security Partner

Trusted Security Partner

Our Mission

Our mission at MFort Security Services is simple: to provide high-quality service and build partnerships. Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. We understand that excellent service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals. We value our employees and appreciate what they do for us every day. Employee loyalty is important, and we ensure that our staff members are properly trained and supported to best serve our customers. Our leadership understands the security business and have full confidence in serving you. With a focus on personalized service and customer satisfaction, we are always striving to meet and exceed expectations.


Always acknowledge, greet and provide excellent customer service.


Always provide assistance and solutions to clients needs.


Always execute the assigned duties to ensure expectations are met and best service is provided.


Always provide honest service with strong morale principles.

Our approach to best serve you is based on the 5 components below and incorporating these components will help us gain your trust and become your long-term security service partner.  



Train, invest and develop management team members to ensure that we are building a brand and excellent culture.


Properly recruit, train, support, acknowledge, recognize and build trust with employees.


Build an  exceptional security and customer service program while quickly responding to our customers needs.  


Build partnerships based on trust and excellent service.


Be a leader and a trusted security partner.

Our Approach


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What they say about us?

What People Say

Image by Benjamin Suter

"Mfort Security Service is one of the best services out there. They ensure to provide the most efficient service to their clients. They are always striving to meet and exceed expectations of their clients."

"M Fort Security is a very credible and professional business. Ownership and management are committed, flexible and understanding. I would highly recomend them to work for, and to use them for your Security needs if you are a business."

Image by Clay Banks

"A great place to call home."

"MFort Security is different than other security providers due to the company's culture and core beliefs. Unlike other Security companies, upper management focuses on quality over quantity, therefore, leading to excellent service for the clients! I highly recommend MFort Security for anyone seeking to have a trusted security partner, instead of just a security vendor."

Image by Benjamin Suter

"What a great Security Company to be apart of. I’ve been working with this Company since the end of March and I love it. This Company is so professional, Good Customer Service, and have a very good Sense of Humor at time’s. If you’re looking for a Security Service Career Mfort Security Service is the place to be you won’t regret it."

"Great opportunities for earning extra money and better position into careers within company. Amazing complex buildings that will become your 2nd home being welcomed with open arms.."

Image by Benjamin Suter

"Great place to work"

"MFort Security provides professional and excellent security services. The security guards on duty are always very attentive and closely watching all surrounding activity. Customer service is top notch and they make the employees and guests of our establishment feel safe and secure. I highly recommend their business!"

"Wonderful company to work for with many opportunities to earn more money."

Image by Max Bender

"The level of professionalism was unmatched especially during such a hectic season and they did not wavier. Their extensive knowledge and trained team left us feeling like we were in great hands. Senad, we were so impressed with the concierge service team you provided and we will recommend your team for any building needing your teams services.. Thank you again for everything: the professionalism, the knowledge, and the care. Keep up the great work!"

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